Via Montenapoleone 8 Milano, which name evocates one of the most exclusive districts for luxury in Europe, with its 25 years of experience, operates as a business network, providing assistance in the international strategy for its member companies belonging to the Luxury Fashion industry.

In particular, it operates towards markets of Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Asia where it manages locations to create temporary or flagship showrooms and networking hubs to stimulate knowledge and competencies sharing and transfer between business network actors.

Nowadays, its attention is focused on eastern markets, such as China and Japan, to generate benefits for its partners.

The business network regularly provides training on market entry and growth strategies, import/export management, logistic and supply chain retail dynamics, and digitalisation.

Frequent formative sessions are dedicated to the digital and ecological transition and social responsibility themes such as gender equality and stakeholder orientation.

The business network operates as a catalyser for its network of interconnected firms, institutions, research institutes, and technology centres to create synergies between members’ competencies by sharing know-how, sector trends, physical facilities, and distribution channels, opening commercial routes in the target market and fostering innovations.

Monthly, a newsletter with information, tech trends, opportunities, market insights, and projects is provided to all members to ensure constant networking on all the topics in which the organisation is active.

Industry members

Research organisations / Technology centres members

Institutional/Public bodies partners

Management Team – Core activity of Internationalisation and Supply Chain

Nome: Svetla
Cognome: Stoyanova
Ruolo: ECCP Responsible Person
Sesso: F

Nome: Stanka
Cognome: Chobanova
Ruolo: Project Manager
Sesso: F

Nome: Teodora
Cognome: Sarkizova
Ruolo: Internationalisation Responsible
Sesso: F

Nome: Alessio
Cognome: D’Errico
Ruolo: Product Manager
Sesso: M

Nome: Massimiliano
Cognome: Dezi
Ruolo: Business Dev. manager
Sesso: M

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